The Best of Juliland


The idea is simple: Richard Avery wants to do a photography book that showcases his very best images from!  After over a decade online he has amassed an archive of over 50,000 photos of the sexiest and most popular grrls around.

The most noticeable aspect of the Juliland website and Avery’s photography is its visual uniqueness and top-tier quality.  You may have seen some of these grrls shot before by other photographers, but you’ve never seen them like this!  Avery’s style is reminiscent of legendary photographers Richard Avedon, Irving Penn and David Bailey, and his iconic look into the erotic world is fresh and contemporary.  His take on grrls is simple: FUN!  No matter how messy or clean things get, it’s always fun.  This book would be celebration of Richard Avery’s work, his style and his fun.

Richard would love the book to be as big as possible, as bigger images always look better.  The book would ideally have a mix of color and B&W images, and be titled simply Best of JULILAND – the photography of Richard Avery.

As far as which images are included in the book, Avery is open to collaboration.  He’s not too picky, but there are some images & grrls that are very popular and would ideally be included.  It’s a simple idea with strong, fresh, contemporary, quality, sexy, nasty photos!


9.25×11.5 | 300+ Pages | 250+ Images | Hardcover with Jacket

Sample Pages